BEATRICE - An Alabama man has been ordered to serve a Nebraska prison term after being convicted of attempted robbery, in Gage County.
33-year-old Jovan Travis was given a 5-to-7-year prison term by District Judge Rick Schreiner, along with credit for 299 days spent in jail.

Deputy Gage County Attorney Justin Huber said Travis' extensive prior criminal record, argued against probation.
"A previous robbery allegation, that was pled as an attempted robbery conviction. He also has numerous assault convictions on his record".

Defense attorney Tim Nelson said his client was a good candidate for probation, based on progress he's made in treatment.
"I get that this is an attempted robbery. But, as the tape shows, judge, this is like the worst attempted robbery in mankind. He could barely stand. He couldn't make a statement. He was so drugged and drunk out, when the police stopped, all he recognized was that he was a passenger in a car and he took off running".

Travis was arrested last February 8th in Wymore, after being pursued by a Gage County Sheriff’s Sergeant from Beatrice to Wymore. Wymore Police deployed spikes to flatten the tires on the Ford Explorer in which Travis was a passenger.
The vehicle then pulled into a convenience store lot, where Travis exited the passenger side. He ran toward a pickup, struggled with the driver while brandishing what appeared to be a handgun. The gun, which turned out to be a pellet weapon, fell to the ground.

The officer deployed a taser trying to stop Travis. He then got back into the Explorer, and the pursuit continued just south of Wymore, where the vehicle was stopped, and Travis was arrested.

After hearing the defendant ask for probation and voice an apology, District Judge Schreiner said he had to take into consideration Travis’ 15-year criminal history.

"At the time of the presentence investigation, it was noted you have a lengthy criminal history...six active warrants, including warrants for a class four felony and a class two-A felony. You've had multiple opportunities to stay clean since 2005, at least...and you failed to do so. You were a danger to society. You placed people in danger in this situation...and you have consistently placed people in danger through assaultive behavior, over the past fifteen years".

As part of a plea agreement, five other charges in the case were dismissed.