CHADRON, Neb. Chadron Police Department arrested a man for numerous offenses.

On Wednesday, March 18th, officers noticed an ongoing verbal altercation near 2nd and Main Streets in downtown Chadron.

Officers contacted several individuals involved in the argument and separate them.

Once officers were sure that all parties left the area peacefully, they resumed their normal patrols.

However, sometime later around 2:00am, officers observed the same individuals again engaged in a verbal altercation in the same area.

Officers intervened and attempted to separate the parties but this time, one individual, identified as 25-year-old Tucker Keiser of Chadron, refused to leave the area and continued to instigate a fight.

This led instigation to another male who tried to assault the other party involved with Keiser while officers were on-scene.

Officers went onto warn Keiser several times and instructed him to leave the area but he refused and sometime later he re-engaged the officers in the middle of the street near City Hall.

Officers tried to arrest Keiser and Keiser assaulted one of the officers and resisted arrest which resulted in a Taser deployment.

Keiser was subsequently arrested for Assault 3rd Degree (a Class I Misdemeanor), Resisting Arrest (a Class I Misdemeanor) and 3rd Degree Assault on an Officer (a Class IIIA Felony).

This investigation continues and earlier the morning around 11:30am, 49-year-old Krista Keiser was issued a citation for Obstructing a Police Officer, a Class I Misdemeanor.

There is also one citation pending.

Keiser was transported to the Chadron Community Hospital for treatment of the injuries resulting from the Taser deployment and then taken to the Dawes County Jail for booking.

His bond was set at 10% of $10,000.00.