Instagram/@andyspade(NEW YORK) --  It's been a little over one year since fashion designer Kate Spade died by suicide, and her husband paid tribute to her legacy with a moving mental health message.

On Dec. 24, what would have been Kate Spade's 57th birthday, Andrew Spade posted a photo of the couple's daughter holding a lollipop and wearing a hair bow along with a touching caption on Instagram.

"I will never forget the love Kate had for our beautiful, bright and charming Frances Bea," he began.

"On the date of Katherine Noel Brosnahan Spades birthdate I hope that we can all be kind to one another and look for signs of private problems," Andrew continued.

Andrew, better known as Andy, went on to encourage others not to hide their flaws.

"We should take pride in admitting our humanity. Perfection isn't the goal - honesty is," he wrote.

He also empowers others to seek help and check in on friends and relatives to see if they are OK.

Andy concluded his post by writing, "By the way, this is a picture of our daughter. The most special person on this planet I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. She will not like that I posted this but she may understand when she's older. But probably not. Love to all."

Kate Spade died on June 5, 2018, in her New York City apartment.

Many people continue to mourn her death, and a foundation from her former fashion label donated $1 million to suicide prevention mental health awareness last year.

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