Fargo Brewing Company(FARGO, N.D.) --  Adoptions are on tap for one North Dakota brewery.

Fargo Brewing Co. is partnering with "4 Luv of Dog Rescue," a local animal rescue organization, to help find paw-fect forever homes for some "One-der Dogs" by putting their pictures on beer cans.

According to "4 Luv of Dog Rescue," "One-der Dogs" have a unique challenge in getting adopted because "they have a difficult time socializing with other dogs and are unable to attend foster events or meet-and-greets."

Jerad Ryan was the volunteer at "4 Luv of Dog Rescue" who thought of the idea to bring awareness to these harder-to-adopt dogs.

"I make labels, including beer labels, at Northern Plains Label for my day job," he told GMA. "My company agreed to donate the labels for my idea and Fargo Brewing Company wanted to help as well."

Ryan notes that the dog images that were placed on the beer cans are of those who have been up for adoption the longest at the rescue.

"Five of the dogs are 'One-der' dogs that need to be an only pet in the home," he said. One of the dogs, Moby, isn't a "One-der" but Ryan tells GMA that the goal of finding Moby a forever home is universally the same. "He is older and has some special medical needs that have been a big part of his struggles finding a forever home."

Coincidentally, Ryan is also a foster to one of the dogs featured: Bizzy.

"Bizzy has been with the rescue since June 2018," Ryan told GMA. "She has bounced around from home to shelter to home. She hasn't had the best luck living with other dogs but she is not reactive on walks when she meets other dogs. She loves to play outside and she loves to cuddle inside. She has never had an accident, and loves to learn -- or should I say she loves treats?"

Ryan goes on to say that "a person who adopts a 'One-der' dog is truly a rescue angel for that particular dog."

"If a person is ready to adopt a 'One-der' dog they better have a bunch of love to give," he said. "These 'One-der' dogs will soak up all the love they can get. The person or persons that adopt a 'One-der' just need to understand what that dog's particular needs are and commit to them."

Zach Click, Operations Manager at Fargo Brewing, added, "Dogs are a vital part of all our lives here at Fargo Brewing and we really like supporting and collaborating with a great organization like '4 Luv of Dog Rescue' to ensure that dogs are receiving the love and care they deserve."

For information about "4 Luv of Dogs Rescue" in Fargo, North Dakota, and adopting these "One-der" dogs, you can go to the organization's website.

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