NORFOLK, NE - Science is the subject of the day at Woodland Park Elementary in Norfolk.

Science Day, a day that you would guess could conjure up thoughts of fear in some students, is actually a day circled on the calendar by Woodland Park kids.

"They get very excited to learn about science," Fourth Grade teacher Jamie Blum said. “It's a nice break from our normal routine for the school day and hopefully we can develop some future scientists from our science day."

It's the fifth year the school has devoted and entire day to learning about science. They bring in scientists from the Egerton Explorit Center in Aurora and officials from the Game and Parks Commission. The day is possible thanks to a foundation grant from an anonymous donor. Blum, also the head of the school's Science Committee, loves the energy the day brings.

"My favorite part is just seeing how the kids get so excited about learning new things."

It's easy to get excited when learning about sound waves involves playing with fire and practicing the concept of force means the girls team launches tape balls at the boys. With day-long activities, it's tiring for the staff, but definitely worth it.

"It's exhausting," Blum said. “But the kids really look forward to it so I guess their energy helps to make it fun. Now that it's gone on for five years, it's just a nice tradition and the kids continue to look forward to it. They continue to talk about it even as they move up to middle school and junior high."